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How Steroids Help Build Muscle

When it comes to getting big and ripped, there are a lot of different ideas on how that should work. There’s all the diet and exercise, of course. The fact that your physical appearance is based on diet more than exercise is a known fact, but that doesn’t necessarily help. In the US, you can get legal steroid anabolic stacks from

It gets even more difficult when you take into account that a fair amount of your body size and shape is genetic. There’s literally nothing you can do to change certain aspects of your physical body, no matter how hard you work. This is why there are some people that look stocky no matter how much they work out. Genetically, they’re simply incapable of getting rid of all of their size.

Which brings us to the topic of steroids. How do they work? Why do they work? Will taking steroids really help you get ripped without as much effort?

What Steroids Do

Steroids are not simply pills that add muscle. While Hollywood often likes to portray them in a “do steroids = get muscles” way, the real truth is that they do nothing of the sort.

What steroids actually do is help speed up the healing time of muscular damage. How it works is that when muscles are damaged, the steroids pump your body full of a variety of chemicals that cause your muscles to begin knitting back together more quickly. This can help them become stronger in the process, thus allowing your muscles to not only heal the injury but be able to continue functioning at as high a level as possible.

So how does this help you build muscle?

Steroids, Body Building, And Muscles

To some extent, the way steroids work to build muscles is pretty straight forward. However, if you’re not familiar with biology or physiology, then you may not actually know how muscle building works in the first place.

When you lift weights, you’re literally causing your muscles damage. This is why your muscles are always so sore after a good workout, you’ve quite literally ripped them to shreds. As they rip, the tears fill with a chemical concoction that not only helps the muscles knit together, but also helps build new muscle. As the muscle heals, it incorporates the chemicals into its structure, and grows larger.

This is how steroids help to get your muscles larger. It combines with the chemicals your body is already producing, and helps to increase the size by simply increasing the strength and amount of those chemicals. If you’re careful and you use them appropriately, you can see some massive gains in a short period of time, since you can work out longer and harder and not be nearly as sore.

Where Steroids Fail

The problem with steroids, and this is where most people discover that steroids are not some kind of “magic bullet” to make their muscles larger, is that your body still has to produce the chemicals that cause your muscles to heal and grow larger in the first place. Otherwise, there’s nothing for the steroids to bond to, which means they’re not able to do their job.

This means that you can’t just take steroids and work out and watch your muscles grow. You have to still plan your workout in order to get the most out of it. You still have to be careful about your diet and how much of what you eat. You still have to make sure you’re following all the rules of weight lifting and muscle building.

So if you’ve been considering steroids, keep in mind that it won’t cut down the amount of working out you have to do. In fact, quite the opposite!